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Operation method and operating principle of electric hoist?

Date:2019-06-20 16:23:13

Electric hoist by using punishment can be divided into general special electric hoist, electric hoist and two kinds of electric hoist running principle is as follows: first of all electric hoist installation, ignition lifting motor, the heavy lifting to moderate height, weight and ignition motor running to the specified location, running car walking on the edge of simplex word of girder.
Design principle of electric hoist
When walking, choose an electric motor to drive the wheels on both sides of the trolley. As the walking speed is relatively small, the car usually does not have brake tissue. Running car expert travel, in order to prevent the fall of heavy objects, in the lifting tissue equipped with an electromagnetic brake. Brake is to rely on the pressure of spring to press the inner and outer disc, the principle and conflict clutch similar, when releasing the use of electromagnet electrification back to attract the outer disc and make the inner and outer disc release.
The circuit of the electromagnetic brake is in parallel with the circuit of the lifting motor, so as long as the lifting motor is ignited, the electromagnetic brake will be released, making the heavy objects free to rise and fall. When the motor is closed, then the electromagnetic brake power, electromagnetic attraction dissipates, under the pressure of the spring, the table and plate firmly pressure, play the role of braking.
Electric hoist in lifting items to prevent the formation of events beyond the rising limit address, usually installed in the lower part of the drum rise limit device. When the load rises to the limit address, the pressure plate and the limit switch touch, turn off the power supply, stop the weight winding up.
The limiter is used to prevent the lifting of the wheel from exceeding the limit address, so it cannot be normally used. Electric hoist is often used in single line crane, slewing crane and moving single beam crane, because the electric hoist structure is simple, easy to build and test, good interchangeability, easy to operate, so it is widely used in the workshop.

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