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What does the safe operation point of hoisting equipment have?

Date:2019-06-20 16:21:27

Lifting equipment is large mechanical equipment, of course, now more and more small cranes, but no matter what type, safety is the most important. Crane safety operation for technical personnel is not much of a problem, but some novice may not be very understand, below we talk about the safety operation points.
1, before the operation of the crane to check the wire rope, clutch, brake, safety ratchet, transmission pulley, etc., to ensure that there is no problem before the parts can start running.
2. No one can be around during operation. During operation, it is strictly forbidden to leave the working post without permission and no one is allowed to operate the machine randomly.
3, lifting command should be skilled, know the performance of lifting personnel, command signal accurate, bright and clear. The operator should follow the signal of the commanding personnel. If the signal is unclear or may cause an accident, the operator should stop the operation until the situation is clear.
4. Lifting objects should have uniform speed. Sudden braking and direction change are forbidden. Break the break point of the switch and put down the goods when the power is suddenly cut off.
People who are engaged in crane work know safe operation matters, but don't panic when encountering problems in operation, and make judgment and solve them in time, so experienced operators will be better in this respect.

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