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How to check the correct test conditions for the service life of electric hoist

Date:2019-06-20 16:18:46

What conditions should be used to test the life of electric hoist? Electric hoist life test is one of the main form of reliability test, the general situation, in order to improve or guarantee or evaluate whether electric hoist will depend, examination gourd whether to have the function of the design rules, whether can under various environmental pressure, and so on, the most effective way is to make life test, the following is the basic condition of electric hoist before life test.
1. The life test shall be conducted on the special test bench, which shall be able to automatically replace the running cycle and record the starting times and running time.
2. Under rated voltage and rated frequency, apply rated load according to nominal load spectrum coefficient Km=1 to conduct periodic operation test.
3. Maintenance and inspection (such as adjusting brake, adding and changing lubricating oil, etc.) are allowed in the test according to the product operating instructions.
Through the life test, the reliability data of electric hoist manufacturer's design can be provided, and the performance and reliability level of the product can be verified.

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